An Introduction

Front Door Fisheye

Climb Aboard Glorya Marie, A ’77 Crown Super Coach is the future home of Seismic Awakening

It is hard to know where to start. Sean and I (Robyn) made the decision to form a “sound camp” last year, as an offering to the “festival” and “transformational” community that is flourishing all along the west coast.  Ever since we made this commitment, life has been an avalanche of ideas, epiphanies, and opened doors that lead us to today; about to restore a freshly acquired 1977 35 foot school bus named Glorya Marie.

The beginning of a long project, upon completion this SuperCoach will be a rolling sustainable home; including solar, biodiesel, water filtration, and healthy alternatives to chemical cleaners, bedding, and other household items.

Command Central before renovation begins

Command Central before renovation begins

Interior before renovation

The pleasing rounded interior is exaggerated by the fisheye lens. Round space increases flow of energy for a healthier, cleaner, space.

Like her name, everything that comes with this project-turned-lifestyle has just “come to us” in an un-ending flow of cosmic gifts.

Sean and I at Symbiosis GatheringCourtesy: Robert Peck

Sean and I at Symbiosis Gathering 2012
Courtesy: Robert Peck

Above all, Seismic Awakening and our bus conversion is about consciousness expansion – in particular waking up to self-reliance and community in our modern western culture.  As a general rule we are in control of very few of our basic needs: water, electricity, food – just to name a few.  At the same time we rely much more on big business and people working jobs on the other side of the world to fulfill our wants and needs than we do our neighbors.  People are living closer together than ever but the distance between us has deepened.  This is our answer to the illusion of separateness.  

The first page of our Bus Journal for Glorya Marie

The first page of our Bus Journal for Glorya Marie

Over the coming months we will go into further detail the goals of life aboard Glorya Marie and we will take anyone who wants to watch and read along for the ride.  Thank you for being a part of our journey and our mission.

ॐ Namaste’

~Seismic Awakening


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