This morning we went to meet the mechanics and give an “ok” to pull the head off the engine block.  It was a stressful wait but this afternoon’s phone call confirmed that it should be a simple fix.  Before starting the actual process of conversion for living aboard Glorya Marie, we made sure to set aside a decent budget for what we have been calling a “Clean Bill of Health”.  Had we not done this, the events of the past week would have been a heavy blow.  Though we purchased her for a steal at $4800, once she gets out of the shop and the tire shop this week, we will have put more than that into her.  Although the investment could seem steep to some, the piece of mind this has given us as we are about to set out on our travels is immense.  All new tires that will keep us safe for many years to come, and a clean running engine that will need only routine maintenance for the foreseeable future.  On top of that, once we build in her  house-guts, she will be worth more than every penny.

Now, On the Money Saving Part!

In our further research of composting toilets, we have discovered that although highly rated and recommended, our original first choice toilet, The Separett, can be replicated in functionality quite simply and for a fraction of the price tag.  While I still might recommend this large, state-of-the art composter for permanent home use, we decided that a more streamlined DIY version using the Privy Kit, some computer fans, 5 gallon bucket and good old fashioned carpentry.

Glorya Marie 1977 Crown SuperCoach Bus

Glorya Marie 1977 Crown SuperCoach Bus – her classified ad headshot

Stay tuned for full plans of our bus conversion and sustainable off-grid living including solar & water, introducing our solar specialist and electric specialist, our first tour stops announced, and very special guest artist who will be painting Glorya Marie – The Crown SuperCoach!


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