Living on a Bus is Not a Crime!??

For this update we bring you a bus log entry written July 6th 2013  and also invite any followers’ questions about our first month and a half living full time on the bus!  Sean and I will be answering questions and talking about our first 60 days of bus life in a video soon, so send in your questions 😀

“Today, after a month of living on our bus, we are on our way to LiB festival in Temecula California( almost a week early as Sean was accepted into a build crew!)  In our home county of San Luis Obispo, sleeping in vehicles is actually illegal.  We had little issue for the first two weeks of having to park the bus near our work site.  ( we have day privileges to the property where we have been converting the bus but not overnight privileges) We had spoken at length with the County Sheriffs deputies on  a couple encounters and they understood our situation and seen the work we were doing, and told us it was not a problem as long as we did not take up continual residence in one public area Eventually one night we were asked to move out of one municipality by a City Police unit.  Things became aggravating when we had parked the bus to go to dinner and had two squad cars roll up on a call from a neighbor.  This was in an area where other large vehicles have parked, where we had parked before without incident, and had even met and talked with a neighbor up the street.  Apparently a 35 foot yellow bus isn’t some people’s cup of tea.  When asking the officers why the complainer could not simply ask us to move himself, the officer replied ” He doesn’t know if you’re violent, if you have a gun, what you’re going to do…”   The Sheriff deputy instructed us to not even park in the town or he would write a ticket.

Fast forward to today, we pulled off the 15 to buy dog food for our 10 day trip and stop at a home improvement store.  A minute or two after returning to the bus from spending money at these establishments, and having been parked in the lot for less than 30 minutes total, a law enforcement officer comes up to the bus to verify our plans based on a complaint from one of the businesses.  The officer was very apologetic and friendly and left shortly after.”Image


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