New Habits of Sustainable Nomads Entry 2: Avoiding Ant Invasion and Essential Oil Bathing

Thank you for staying tuned for the second installment of our new series.   This time we want to share with you two practices Sean and l have developed while living on board Glorya Marie.

First and most recently, we were able to stave off an incoming invasion of oak ants using only a few drops of cinnamon essential oil.

Parked here in the oak forest of The Bailiwick, we all share space with a large ant population including variety of ant species.  We rarely encounter ants on the bus thanks to being on tires and Sean’s awesome flooring job.  However,  last week we suddenly found a quite large brigade of oak ants milling about the living room area, with the clear goal of raiding the dog food.

Red and Black Oak Ants gather in a stack of building materials

This Colony was taking up residence in our lumber pile and decided to expand upward into the bus when we left a piece of wood leaning up against it.

After removing the food and water from the area, We sprayed a bit of homemade bug repellent on the line and point of entry.  This spray usually keeps ants off the doormat but only temporarily distracted or discouraged this mission.   The next day I proceeded to search out their outer point of entry to keep any more from getting on the bus. I finally realized they were climbing up a board leaned against the side of the bus.  Once this expressway was uprooted I immediately went inside and this time splashed a drop of doTERRA cinnamon bark essential oil on a shred of tissue and placed it just behind the cabinet from which they seemed to be coming.   In a few hours or less nearly all ants had left the bus amd have been gone for almost a week now.

As some know, we are still without a dedicated shower here on the bus.

Summer is back around again bringing us splendid solar shower weather while our hot water and tub will soon be installed, but what have we been doing in the meantime if not shivering or stinking?  Aside from some gracious friends and family offering up their showers, we have found our favorite drought-friendly bathing routine:

1)Start by heating water on the stove. Be careful to not heat up any hotter than you would want your bath water.
4-6 cups should be plenty for one person.

2) Remove the pot from heat and select essential oils to add to the water.  All essential oils have anti-septic properties,  but some are especially potent or have other great qualities for bathing.  Choosing scents that are pleasing to you personally is always recommended.   Some of our favorite oils for this are peppermint,  melaleuca,  lavender,  and lemon.   Please note that lemon and other citrus oils should not be used up to 12 hours before direct sun exposure.   To avoid this we usually only use citrus oils for night time bathing.

3) Add 3-6 drops of chosen essential oil(s)

Earthy Cleanse: ~Melaleuca ( Tea Tree) Essential Oil ~Cypress Essential Oil ~Wild Orange Essential Oil ~Frankincense Essential Oil

Earthy Cleanse: ~Melaleuca ( Tea Tree) Essential Oil
~Cypress Essential Oil
~Wild Orange Essential Oil
~Frankincense Essential Oil

4)stand over a towel or Bath mat (hemp & bamboo are antimicrobial)
with the pot of warm water and essential oils.  Use a terry cloth or loofah to wipe down face to foot in the soothing essential oil solution.

5) towel off or air-dry and you will retain more natural moisture.   You will also enjoy residual aromatherapy from the EO water. Because essential oils can be applied and absorbed through the skin, there is no need to rinse off like with soap, but the essential oils keep you squeaky clean.

Enlightening Essential Bath Blend

Enlightening Essential Bath Blend ~Whisper doTERRA EO Blend ~Serenity doTERRA EO Blend ~Frankincense Essential Oil



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