Life after Chemicals – New Habits of Sustainable Nomads: Entry 4

Reducing and eliminating our toxin intake has been a huge focus of our personal mission aboard Glorya Marie, as well as an outward mission we wish to spread with the world.  When we all take daily measures to use the healthiest and most sustainable (often the most simple) products in our lives, we are working for a healthier population with higher potential and a less polluted planet earth.

Goals for house hold Cleaning Agents and Personal Care Products in a Minimal and Eco-Friendly Home:
Items must:
>Be Environmentally Safe
>Have Multiple Uses
>Be Safe for Consumption ( A rule of thumb – don’t put anything on your skin you can’t put in your mouth )

On the bus, we don’t allow any toxic chemicals down the drains because we use our grey water to nourish house plants and to filter back into the water table.

Below is a list of items we use in our bus home and how we use them to purify our living environment and care for the planet.

*Baking Soda
– Flouride Free Homemade Tooth Paste
– Face Scrub
– Natural Sink Scouring powder
*Himalayan Sea Salt
-face / body scrub
-mineral supplement
-healthy flavoring

*White Vinegar
-carpet cleaner
-window cleaner
-bath room cleaner
-foot soak
-natural pet stain remover

*Essential Oils
-The 1Quart EO Bath
-Add To enhance any home-made item on this list
-Digestion Aid / Healthy Antacid
-Neutralize Odors
-Hand Sanitizer
-Organic Mood Stabilizers
-Natural Sleep Aids

*Witch Hazel
-Facial Toner
-Natural Personal Deoderant
-Relieves Bruising and Swelling

*Coconut, Grape Seed, and other natural oils
-skin moisturizer
-hair moisturizer or leave-in conditioner
*Simple Green Biodegradable Cleaner
-deep degreaser
-stove/oven cleaner
-clean bikes and autos

*Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap
-dish soap
-hand soap
-pet shampoo
-home made laundry soap
– home made dish soap

-Laundry Additive
-Flea treatment for Carpet
-Scrubbing agent for dish soap

For more inspiration, we highly recommend a look at the movie Chemerical

Robyn and Sean are available for Essential Oil Education, Natural Health Consultations, and Sustainable Lifestyle Discussions.  Glorya Marie, their Sustainable Micro-Home built from a 1977 Crown School Bus is a statement and education platform for Minimal and Sustainable Living.

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