Vibes in a Bottle Video Release!

We are so excited to release the first of two Vibes in a Bottle videos this morning! Shot at the 2015 Lightning In A Bottle​ Festival in California.  Vibration and the awareness of it is paramount to our work at Seismic Awakening.  We use it in many senses of the word.  Since “vibe” and “vibration” are trending as popular buzzwords not only our community but in the mainstream, we set out to explore what it means to others.  Vibes in a Bottle investigates what vibration means to artists, vendors, contributors and participants at one of the transformational community’s most popular events.

An extended length version featuring full interviews is coming soon to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to be the first to hear about this and all other news! ~ enjoy, comment, like, tag & stay tuned!!! Much Gratitude…


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