2 years and counting! How We Found Ourselves Bus-less and Homeless on Our 2-year Anniversary of Tiny Living

Every Share and Every Dollar Helps us Share Our Gifts with Others!

Every Share and Every Dollar Helps us Share Our Gifts with Others!

So this post was going to come at the beginning of the June, and was going to be a simple celebration and reflection for our two year “Bus-a-versary” but so much for plans!!! Yes thats right, the beginning of June marked two years since we moved on to Glorya Marie full-time (six months after first purchasing her).  It has been two years since we have flushed a toilet in our home, our in home bathing method uses less than a gallon of water, and our solar bank is not complete but is almost sustainable.  We have explored the west coast from northern Washington to southern California and presented the bus to hundreds if not thousands of people.  These are huge victories in my book and along with the support of countless friends and fans, have kept us trudging through the string of challenges life has thrown at the two of us and Seismic Awakening over the past month. As you may have read and seen, on memorial day weekend we were honored to shoot my original documentary “Vibes in a Bottle” at Lightning in a Bottle Festival.  We went in the pick up truck as we did not have space for the bus. After leaving the grounds we were on the highway to my Mom’s to pick up our dogs.  In a sudden stop of traffic, we were rear ended. While we are not at liberty to discuss our injuries, they definitely have and continue to affect us.  While we were seeking medical attention that evening, Sean got a call from the land owner where we have been parking the bus, giving us a 5 day notice to move due to county code enforcements.  The county we are from is very strictly against sleeping in vehicles and also one of the most expensive for rv camping spots.  Tourist season was kicking in this made long stays anywhere accessible impossible as well.  This began to put us in a tough position as we stuck close to take care of the accident aftermath.  I thought I had the perfect solution just in time for Sean’s Birthday, beach camping with the bus for $10 a night.  We could stay for two weeks and get caught up on rest, paperwork, and dr.’s visits.  We ended up getting Glorya stuck in the sand, which caused the diesel motor to run backwards.   This turns the exhaust into an intake, thus drawing sand into the motor.  After a two-stage tow, off the beach took all afternoon and then to our mechanics in the morning, we found ourselves homeless, busless and entirely unsure of the future.  It was frustrating to know we had so many options in different areas but so few close to home where we were anchored from this rear-ender.  Left almost completely option-less with hotels and campgrounds filled up for graduation, my mom gave us some time to stay in her small cabin while the bus is still in the shop.  Grateful for a place to finally rest from these trials, we are gearing up to take Seismic Awakening to StillDream 15 and expecting Glorya to be out of the shop in a few weeks.  It has been an interesting several weeks to say the least, and definitely allowed us realize how at home we have come to feel on board our dear bus – it is incredibly strange to be away from her for so long.  She provides us so many necessities and comforts.  Our expert mechanics will be documenting the rebuild process of Glorya’s engine so check back to see photos of the process.  If you would like to help us off-set the cost of repair and get Glorya back to her post as a sustainable living role-model, you can donate at wwww.gofundme.com/seismicbus or paypal sweetladyjane@gmail.com – any and all help is appreciated and the biggest help is sharing our mission and story if you appreciate what we do!

Thank you all for your continued support and following our story.

One thought on “2 years and counting! How We Found Ourselves Bus-less and Homeless on Our 2-year Anniversary of Tiny Living

  1. Wow! How inspiring! I am SOOOOO GRATEFUL that I found your blog! I can’t wait to read every post! I am a huge fan of tiny house and minimalist living. I watched the documentary TINY on Netflix and am currently reading Dee Williams’s THE BIG TINY: A BUILT-IT-MYSELF MEMOIR. It’s such a beautiful way of life and I applaud you! Happy adventures!!

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