All is V.I.B.R.A.T.I.O.N
Sound – Light – Matter – Energy

The Mission of Seismic Awakening:

To create and hold sacred space for  Metaphysical Work and Healing, Education, Creativity, Philosophical Exchange, and Communion with Self, Others, and Universal Oneness.

To Lead by example in developing more sustainable and higher vibration practices for Living, Building, and Thriving.

At Symbiosis Gathering Courtesy: Robert Peck

At Symbiosis Gathering Courtesy: Robert Peck

Seismic Awakening is part of a collective journey through the consciousness shift. We focus sound and vibration as ways to to comprehend and experience Oneness. Sean and Robyn specialize in high vibration atmospheres and holding sacred space while striving towards a sustainable future.

Seismic Awakening was born in 2012 of Sean Crandal and Robyn Hill under the simple idea that everything in the Universe is connected and affected through vibration because all matter and light are varying frequencies of vibration on a quantum scale.

Inspired by the works of Hans Jenny- the Godfather of Cymatics, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Thich Nath Hanh, Gary Zukav, The McKenna Brothers & Buckminster Fuller,  Sean and Robyn set out to share the ideas and epiphanies that inspired them while experimenting with ways to enhance their lives using the principles and standards of high vibration.  At the same time, they intuitively created the Seismic Awakening Experience, a culmination of Sacred Space, Intuitive Connection, Sound, and other Holistic Therapies.

The Experience:

Enter into a Seismic Awakening and prepare to be transported.  Start in ceremony ritual by removing your shoes to enter the space.  You will be guided to get comfy & be present, and perhaps begin with a conscious elixir or enlightening confection. The experience will bathe a relaxed audience in a cocoon of Vibration: Sound & Scent, Energy:  Amplified prescription audio, binural beats, and solfeggio frequencies, blend underneath the organic tones of Tibetan and Nepalese singing bowls. Layering pure, therapeutic scents of organic essential oils, energy work, and light therapy make for a true multi-sensory experience.  Each session wether group or individual is unique and intuitively created.

The Space:

Seismic Awakening can create and hold sacred space at any location indoors or outdoors.  Our flagship structure is the 200 square foot Lotus Belle Deluxe Tent – Inspired by a Lotus Blossom about to bloom, this roomy circular structure is the roaming home of the Seismic Awakening Experience.  We use a combination of natural elements with professional stage lighting & sound to create an artistic bohemian aesthetic in any space.  Our first structure, The Shangri-La Tent was inspired by the bedouin style tents of desert oases and is currently being upcycled and repurposed as a portable sweat lodge for ceremonies.

The Bus:

In an effort to live the lessons they were uncovering, Robyn decided at the end of 2012 to create a sustainable micro home aboard an upcycled Crown School Bus.  With Sean’s expertise in home remodels and construction, this goal was in sight and within 6 months their little family had given up their spacious apartment near the beach in California for unknown adventure, challenge, and education in an indefinite experiment.   An experiment of minimalist living, the strive to be “off-grid”, to eliminate toxins from their living space, and most of all to lower their overall impact or “foot print”.  Glorya Marie serves as a sustainable demo classroom and another shining example of the atmosphere & space created by Seismic Awakening.

The Sound System:
The custom tuned Seismic System delivers high fidelity sound to stages at both commercial and private events.  The Modular System expands and contracts to service a small room or suspend 500+ people in full spectrum sound.
The Seismic Awakening System is Guardian to a disappearing analog sound.


The first page of our Bus Journal for Glorya Marie This is Not Just a Bus, This is not just a house, THIS is a Statement. THIS IS A DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.

The first page of our Bus Journal for Glorya Marie
This is Not Just a Bus, This is not just a house, THIS is a Statement. THIS IS A DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE.

Hire the System:

The Seismic Awakening Sound/PA system is available to bring premium JBL sound to your next event or private gathering.  The system can be configured to fit your size of gathering.

Join Seismic Awakening:

We are currently taking applications for Dj’s, musicians, flow artists, visual artists, healers, energy workers, who would like to join forces and participate in our camp at events.  We offer a venue for classes, playshops and activities of all kinds, so contact us and let us know what you would like to do!  For those joining us for multiple stops along the way, Glorya Marie, the Seismic Awakening Tour Bus may have a spot for you!

This is a program of educating people in the world of sound as more than just music, but vibration which creates and binds us all. We introduce a hands on experience as well as a crisp sound in our camp and high level artistry across the board.


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