Experiences, Discussions, & Playshops

Sean dropping Micro Home Knowledge on the Dreamer's Outpost Stage in Nomad's Nook during Seismic Awakening's Presentation at Lucidity Festival Kindred Quest

Sean dropping Micro Home Knowledge on the Dreamer’s Outpost Stage in Nomad’s Nook during Seismic Awakening’s Presentation at Lucidity Festival Kindred Quest

Our Lovely audience at the "Life in a Nutshell" discussion during Lucidity Festival Kindred Quest 2015

Our Lovely audience at the “Life in a Nutshell” discussion during Lucidity Festival Kindred Quest 2015.











Life in a Nutshell: The Tiny House Movement and How We Built our Micro Home: Sean and Robyn present a background of the Tiny House movement and it’s goals, as well as our personal mission then share the story of Glorya Marie’s Build and the triumphs and challenges of living in our self-created tiny home.  Includes the Mini Tour of Glorya Marie.

Mini Tour of a Micro Home: Guests tour the inside and outside of 200 sq foot Glorya Marie, the 1977 Crown Super Coach Robyn and Sean have called home for the past 22 months.  Learn about the different sustainable systems on the bus such as solar electricity and our waterless composting toilet.  See first hand tips for living in small spaces and removing toxins from your lifestyle.

The Seismic Awakening Sound Experience: A fully immersive group or individual experience in our created space. These vibrational odysseys bathe a relaxed audience in a cocoon of Vibration: Sound, Scent, Energy:

Amplified prescription audio, binural beats, and solfeggio frequencies, underneath the organic tones of Tibetan and Nepalese singing bowls, layered with pure, therapeutic scents of organic essential oils make for a true multi-sensory experience.  Each experience is unique and intuitively created.

Medicine Cabinet Make Over: Join us for an informative class on how to use Essential Oils to heal and maintain your body and mind. Essential oils have been used for many years in place of modern medicine with healthier results, and they can help you reduce healthcare costs.

Essential Oils are safe for all ages. In fact, there are many common uses for essential oils for kids. Peppermint Oil works great on growing pains and fevers, not to mention mom’s headache! Lavender is commonly used on skin issues among many other problems.

Learn more at the class about how to put essential oils to use in your home for a more natural safe environment for your family.


Cleaning Cabinet Make Over: Learn to replace your average household cleaners with fewer, cheaper, more-effective, and MUCH healthier home-made cleaning supplies.  Essential oils are nontoxic and do not pollute the water supply or our environment.  Instead of toxic side effects, essential oils have healthy benefits. Inhaling essential oils can lift mood, energize, calm, and/or relax, some event neutralize free radicals in the air.
Essential oils work quickly and since they are so powerfully concentrated, a little goes a long way.
And making household cleaners at home is really easy – it certainly takes less time than having to go to the store and buy new stuff!

Essential Oils for the Chakras: Experience a group meditation and visualization to balance and charge the major chakras while applying corresponding organic essential oils to each chakra.  Having been described as “vitamins” for these energy centers, essentials work on many systems of the body at once.  Guests will leave with an informational chart of the chakras and an essential oil sample.


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