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Bad-ass blogs and communities covering related topics: – Technology Enabled Nomads!  Currently traveling in Zephyr a 35 foot Motor Coach Conversion, Chris and Cherie write a fantastic blog with great breakdowns for RV, Travel Trailer and Bus Conversion projects, travel stories, Burning Man and being geeks on the road.  Their brilliant cost analysis for Lithium Ion Batteries gave us the extra push to choose the superior power storage for Glorya Marie, our own bus conversion.

A Buffalo Bus – Rebuilding a School Bus into a Rolling House – This project has some great photos and commentary on nomadic ” #BusLife”


Products we are using or have investigated in our blog:

Energy Del Sol Flex Power Mats – We bought 3 of these bad boys and are planing on filling out the system with one more.  Laying flush against the roof, they are durable enough to walk on and boast amazing efficiency even in shade and on overcast days.  They are pre-approved for tax deductions to boot!

Victron Energy – Focusing on many different applications, including solar and off-grid living, Victron Energy is a cutting-edge power company that specializes in Lithium Ion technologies.

Events we are attending or have attended:

Lightning in a Bottle Festival – One of our favorite events takes place yearly in Southern California featuring music (with mind-blowing sound), a huge line-up of live artists, yoga, meditation, and healthy living seminars.

Lucidity Festival – This year find Seismic Awakening and Glorya Marie in the Wise Owl Village Healing Sanctuary of Lucidity at Live Oak Camp in Santa Barbara, Ca

Still Dream – Seismic Awakening debuted at Still Dream 2012 in the beautiful forest of Northern California and we look forward to many more!

Mint Fox Media – Robyn’s video production and commercial photography business.  West Coast-based, serving artists, brands, innovators, and disruptors.



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