Seismic Awakening offers its services and space freely because we believe no one should be excluded from a sacred experience due to funding.  You can help us continue this practice by supporting us in several ways:

Liking and sharing us on social media, we love to engage with our followers

Twitter: @SeismicAwake Facebook: Instagram: @SeismicAwakening 


Enjoy our favorite superfoods direct from HealthForce Nutritionals and we will earn a healthy commission.

Bolster your medicine cabinet, natural beauty supply, and cleaning cupboard with Robyn’s amazing doTerra products and essential oil coaching.

Hire us for private engagements

  • Our Atmospheres, including lighting, sound and deluxe Lotus Belle Bedouin-Style Tent are available for weddings, parties, VIP lounges and more.
  • The Seismic System is perfect for your next 200-600 person gathering.
  • You can book private or group sound experiences in your own space and tailored to your unique vibrations!

Help us get back on the road with Glorya Marie’s motor fund

Shop on Amazon with our affiliate links and we will earn a commission

Sign up for an Amazon Prime Instant Video 30-Day Free Trial

Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks


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